Members' Testimonials

“Our colleague group is an icon in the wilderness, a place we share the practice of ministry and nourish one another during the journey. The APC offers a yearly pool of resources through a top quality conference. This is a time where members make a pilgrimage to wherever the conference is being held around the country. I find the Academy to be a moist place of joy that stirs and empowers each one of us to craft our ministry towards excellence, knowing that we do so together moving from strength to strength. Amazing when you look back over the years and see the growth of those who travel together. The wilderness comes alive...”

- Mark Peterson

“The calling and profession of ministers is often lonesome and misunderstood by the general public, as well as by the people who receive that ministry. The Academy has linked me with practitioners of ministry from whom I can learn and with whom I can share what has been important for me in ministry.”

- Arland O. Fiske

“I needed a national organization that insisted on professional ethical values, that made us accountable to each other, that put continuing education high in its priorities. . . . It’s almost 35 years now that I have been a member of this exceptional organization. The APC has been an important (well, crucial) part of my ministry. Its ecumenicity, its fellowship, yes, and its potential, make it a continuing well of renewal.”

- William L. Joiner

“I don't get to do many things with colleagues in the Academy, but its been an important part of my life since the early 70's. . . . You remind me of the hundreds, indeed the thousands of clergy plugging along every week in the toughest, but perhaps most important work there is - supporting the people of God in their ministries.”

- Loren B. Mead

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