Parish Pastor of the Year Award

Nomination Requirements and Form

Each year at the Annual Conference, typically held in the spring, the Academy of Parish Clergy recognizes a pastor for demonstrating excellence in parish ministry, by awarding him or her the Parish Pastor of the Year Award.

The nominee chosen for this award is invited to attend the Annual Conference, where presentation of the award is made. Registration fees, lodging, meals, and a transportation stipend are provided. The honoree receives an attractive plaque announcing his or her receipt of the award, and a one-year membership in the Academy of Parish Clergy.

The Academy of Parish Clergy is pleased to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Parish Pastor of the Year Award at our 2012 Annual Conference.

Nomination Requirements

At least one recommendation prepared by a lay person is required. Recommendations from staff and judicatory leadership are welcomed. More than one recommendation for a nominee is preferred.

To nominate a pastor for the Parish Pastor of the Year Award, please provide the information described below.

Provide the name, address, phone number, and email address of the following:

  • Pastor being nominated for this award
  • Congregation(s) currently being served by the nominee
  • Nominee’s immediate judicatory or ecclesiastical leadership
  • Person writing this recommendation

Please describe how the nominated pastor exhibits the four pastoral characteristics described below.

1.  FAITHFULNESS:  Describe this person's personal faith as it is grounded in a connection and time with God (including devotional life) and how this person helps people mature in the faith and encourages others along their faith journeys. What is the worthiness of the calling? These are pastoral and spiritual characteristics.

2.  PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS:  Describe this pastor's personal motivation (self-starter and internally driven and called to do the work of mission and ministry). How does this person adapt to options and work collaboratively with a variety of perspectives? Describe this person's self care habits and the supportive spouse/partner and family environment. When things don't go as planned, what is the ability to get back up and try again with another approach? What is the evidence of focused continuing education? Is a code of ethics and conduct apparent and kept?

3.  LEADERSHIP:  Describe how this person fosters and leads with a sense of unity of spirit and purpose; how the congregation is lead to discern and see God's preferred future with increasing clarity; how leadership and credit is shared with others, thus creating a distributed sense of ownership; how others in the congregation get connected to ministry using their gifts as ways to discern how best to serve; how building good relationships is demonstrated and fostered in others. All this may be described as prudence: grasping each situation in its uniqueness, to engage in its complexity, to possess the spectrum of skills and knowledge necessary to address current and long-range issues.

4.  CONGREGATIONAL OBJECTIVES:  How does the congregation show intentionality in reaching new people and growing in worship attendance as part of the pastor's leadership?  How has the congregation become more relevant and faithful to the larger community?  How does the pastor's ministry connect to people outside the membership?

Thank you for making a nomination! Please send your nomination by February 15, 2012 to:

Rev. Dr. David E. Imhoff
254 Curtiss Parkway
Miami Springs, FL, 33166