2012 Annual Conference
May 8-10, 2012

Bergamo Mount Saint John Center
Dayton, Ohio

Keynote speaker Rev. Carol Howard Merritt is a youthful visionary, communicator, and Pastor of Western Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC. The focus of her presentations at the Annual Conference will be "Vital Ministry in a New Generation."

Merritt is author of Tribal Church, and of Reframing Hope, a book named by the Academy of Parish Clergy as one of the Top Ten Books for Parish Ministry published in 2010.

Merritt explains:

"As pastors, we are called to lead churches and teach the faith from generation to generation. How are congregations effectively navigating generational shifts? In our time together, we will explore how generational dynamics, technological advancements, and evolving communication have changed our culture and how they affect our ministries. Whether you serve a traditional congregation or you're interested in new church movements, we will discern how God is working through and with our current landscape."

Merritt's four sessions will address the following issues:

Session 1
Shifting Authorities--In this session we'll be exploring how our power structures are changing in a new generation. From our commerce, to our communication, to our congregations, the way we interact with leadership looks different.

Session 2
Evolving Technologies--How is social media changing the way that we do church together?

Session 3
Changing the Story--Why is the art of narrative important in a Google generation? What do those narratives look like?

Session 4
The Currents--How are the shifting tides changing your church today? How are congregations faithfully responding to these shifts?

The Annual Conference will also offer a variety of workshops, and the presentation of the APC Book of the Year, Parish Pastor of the Year, and First Call Pastors Writing Contest awards. The Top Ten Books of the Year will be named and described as well.

Registration begins on October 1, 2011.


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